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Digital Transformation is on the minds of astute business & IT leaders everywhere in every industry. That’s why Software AG’s invigorating Innovation Tour 2017 brought you an “ideas network” filled with impressive keynotes, informational breakout sessions and real-world digital success examples.

Here are key presentations from Innovation Tour in Stockholm.

Let’s build your digital future together #withoutcompromise.
How should you be spending your time? What should you really focus on? Cloud? Big Data? IoT? Let us help you focus and share with you what your peers are doing.

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Bo Gyldenvang, VP Nordics, UK & Ireland, Software AG
Daniel Eliasson, Director, Nordics, Software AG


Time Description
8:00 Registration and Coffee & Tea
9:00 Welcome to Unleash Your Digital Vision #withoutcompromise
Daniel Eliasson, Director Nordics, Software AG

Strategy for Digital Transformation
Juha Pylkkö, Managing Partner, Gartner

It is the time to ensure the capabilities for success in the digital era now. Gartner sees that the Digital Strategy should be based on the Digital vision and the maturity gap in capabilities required to achieve the vision. The Digital / IT/ Business Strategy Needs To Define The Why? And The What? For The Digital Business Transformation Journey. Gartner’s approach to Digital Transformation i.e. for the path from the Vision & Strategy to Execution is IT enabled and uses Digital Business Technology Platforms. Different types of Digital Platforms provide different capabilities and Digital Businesses Require different KPIs for Optimizing Current Business and Transformative Growth. Achieving this future vision will require a different operating model to Innovate and Renovate concurrently – in Gartner we call it Bimodal Enterprise. The new Digital Operating model consists of e.g. Business Capabilities, Functions, structures and roles, ways of working etc.


Your Digital Transformation #withoutcompromise

Eric Duffaut, Chief Customer Officer, Software AG

Hear Eric Duffaut, CCO, Software AG explain the 5 steps that enterprises must follow in their journey to digital transformation. Mr. Duffaut will offer tangible tips that business leaders can take, and share numerous use cases inspired by the companies already on the path from digital exploration to digital disruption.


Transformation in a Digital Economy
Per Åberg, VP, OpusCapita

Per Åberg will share his experience from the Journey that OpusCapita have done coming to the conclusion that Software AG would be a future Digital Transformation partner for them.

10:45 Coffee Break

Customer Panel Discussion
led by Matthew Smith, Regional CTO, Software AG


GDPR fatigue? Me too! The real issue is a proper approach to Data protection
Ed Tucker, CIO, DP Governance

The industry is awash with self-professed GDPR experts peddling another story of fear. Data protection has been a long-standing requirements for many businesses and GDPR is just the current, and significant, stick which is being brandished to motivate. In my experience, the journey is not a series of quick fixes glued together, nor a technological panacea, but an approach with starts with the basics and grows to represent to the business a broad, layered approach to data protection. This presentation explores the current market place, the feeling of GDPR fatigue, but above all how to assess GDPR readiness, how to look across your business at operational and technical vulnerabilities and finally, how to put the building blocks in place for a sustainable approach to data protection.


Big Change, Big Opportunity
Matthew Smith, Regional CTO, Software AG

Technology is changing the competitive landscape faster than ever. Native digital companies are disrupting entire markets with superior customer service. One thing is clear: To outperform the competition, your business must become digital. Digital Transformation requires a Digital Business Platform to create unique ways to stand out from the competition. Our Digital Business Platform enables you to drive innovation and adapt to any future market or technology disruptions. The Digital Business Platform is your technology layer that enhances rather than replaces your current core IT systems. Gain a future-proof architecture and build differentiating applications to increase your competitiveness and success in a digital world.


Customer Innovation Awards
Daniel Eliasson, Director Nordics, Software AG
Magnus Wettemark, Director & Head of Solution Architects, Software AG

13:00 Lunch & networking

Breakout Session 1
Business & IT Transformation

Breakout Session 2
Internet of Things

Breakout Session 3
Core of Digitalization


Track introduction

Track introduction

Track introduction


Building a sustainable approach to data protection: introducing Software AG's data protection management framework
Michiel Jorna, Global Industry Director - Digital Risk, Software AG

Business are starting to understand that data protection is far more than technology and data breach prevention. People, process and procedures are key! But how to build a strong data protection position? Good data protection requires a platform that provides capabilities to analyse the current situation as well as plan and manage the required transformation in a sustainable way. Insight, Analysis and Planning of all aspects of business impacted by data as well as Risk Identification, Mitigation & Governance are the missing ingredients. This presentation explores how Software AG's Business & IT Transformation capabilities can help you realize a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to data protection.

IoT – Your platform, your choice
Bernd Gross, CEO, Cumulocity

CEOs around the globe know that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a dynamic and revolutionary force in society. They passionately believe IoT will re-shape their business, driving operational efficiency as well as disruptive new IoT enabled products and services. But this vision presents Business and IT leaders with some tough challenges: - There is pressure to deliver value quickly but it is not clear where to start. - Technology options that deliver value quickly often cannot meet sophisticated custom requirements. - The organization is not just lacking IoT technology (the "what"), it also needs IoT methodology (the "how").

Supporting a changing organization in growth
Johan Linder, Solution Owner Integrations, IKEA IT AB

IKEA Group is growing rapidly. This poses an influx of demand on the IT organization. Johan Linder, Solution Owner Integrations, shares his perspectives on how to navigate the challenges in an organization which is growing rapidly and is changing quickly.


The beauty of seeing connections in information
Camilla Krogholm Ferslev, Group Process Development, Danske Bank

Danske Banks process documentation approach is mainly still unaligned and scattered. Hereby complex information flows in the organisation, without providing the insight of which aspects of the business that are connected. Understanding relationships and dependencies leads to increasing understanding of the whole enterprise and provides a supporting decision foundation. Our vision is aligned and used process documentation in a central repository, where information is organised and easily available for both run and change agendas.

The How of IIoT
Bart Schouw, Industry Director Global for IoT, Software AG

For a few years now the Industrial Internet of Things is a hot topic on conferences. Most presentations on those conferences spend their time on convincing you why you should invest in IIoT. So presuming you are convinced, it is time to turn to the How to implement a IIoT project and the pitfalls associated with it. So join me in this presentation in which we take a closer look on a number of customer use cases and walk a specific use case through its stages.

How one platform can support BI-Modal IT
Jonathan Heywood, VP Product Management, Software AG

As organizations utilize modern technologies to develop differentiating and innovating business applications, they are realizing that IT must find a new way of building and delivering those applications. While traditional (Mode 1) methodologies remain valid for certain parts of your integration landscape, new (Mode 2) approaches, such as Devops, are needed to meet the need for speed. Learn more about bi-modal IT, when to apply which mode, and how Software AG's Digital Business Platform supports both modes through Continuous Integration, Microservices and Devops.


Efficient and Effective digitalization at Orkla
Lars Bratthall, Chief Enterprise Architect, Orkla

Orkla is a leading branded consumer goods company in the Nordic and Baltic regions and selected other markets, with more than 18000 employees. Orkla's largest activities are in Food, Food Ingredients, Home and Care, and in Confectionary and Snacks. A growing number of new products will be launched across Orkla's markets and business areas through increased collaboration as "One Orkla". This drives a need for much change in the digital space. As we are changing in many dimensions, on a very broad scale, we have looked into what drives efficiency in the change journey. This session will give examples of models used in discussions at C-level: That is, less on technology, and more on financial models, efficiency models, and change cost models. In particular, you will learn about the importance of asset information, the value of data, and the relationship between KPIs, governance, and architecture.

Digital Innovation & Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Applications
Michael Zeller, SVP AI Strategy & Innovation, Software AG

Artificial intelligence (AI) is undergoing a vigorous resurgence, fueled by the success of predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms. With rapid innovation in software and hardware to develop complex algorithms, however, organizations face the challenge to select the right tools that will enable them to leverage AI in enterprise applications. Beginning with an overview of current market trends and common use cases, this presentation will highlight how Software AG's Digital Business Platform delivers a standards-based framework to simplify the operational deployment and integration of machine learning algorithms, providing a scalable foundation which allows AI to deliver its full potential.

Turning technology innovation and trends into a competitive advantage
Magnus Wettemark, Director & Head of Solution Architects, Software AG

Today's businesses needs to build an architecture that supports innovation and technology trends that is coming in an increasing speed. New companies are popping up which can disrupt your business with a better customer experience. Companies today needs to build an architecture that supports continuous innovation and differentiation making sure that it's possible to follow the increasing speed of the market. Trends that is lurking around the next corner are chat bots, AI, new way to develop apps to deliver faster time to market. We will look at these trends and how you can turn them into a competitive advantage for your business.

15:35 - 17:00 Networking Mingle & Snacks


Juha Pylkkö, Managing Partner, Gartner
Juha Pylkkö is Gartner Consulting’s Managing Partner responsible for the Public Sector in Finland. He joined Gartner in 2015. His areas of specialization include Business and Information Technology strategic planning, project, programme and journey management and applications (including development, deployment and outsourcing). Mr. Pylkkö has over 25 years of IT experience and has led engagements spanning the entire life cycle of clients’ business solutions, from developing strategies to developing, deploying and maintaining IT-related business solutions.
Per Åberg, OpusCapita
I am a creative, confident and experienced international manager with focus on achieving results. I have long experience of driving complex sales in an international environment. With well-developed skills and deep insights in processes involved in business development and sales I am a valuable resource for companies who have growth plans. I work with a high level of energy and enthusiasm, and am an inspiring leader and colleague driven by winning, achieving results and pioneering new areas.  In short, I am a strategic doer that makes those "power points" come true!

Camilla Krogholm Ferslev, Danske Bank
Camilla has been with Danske Bank for 14 years in 4 different locations, the last 8 years with “Processes as an anchor point”. She is a combination of being very structured and very creative at the same time, and has been supporting the development and implementation regarding the infrastructure and behaviour when working with Lean, now focusing on supporting the organisation in getting an aligned, current and used process repository, with both a change and run perspective.
Ed Tucker

Ed is the current European CISO of the Year. A well respected and recognised industry expert, noted for speaking with honesty and bringing a healthy dose of realism to the fore. Ed has spent many years at the coalface of security, both in UK Government and private sector, building up a wealth of practical experience along the way.

Lars Bratthall

Lars Bratthall is Chief Enterprise Architect at Orkla. He wrote his first program more than 30 years ago, and still has 12 computers at home to never loose touch with technology reality. Career includes writing an ERP, launching 1st website in 1994, and leading international positions in FMCG, industry, energy, maritime, telco, banking, cruise. His PhD focused on how to achieve value across time, and across space, in large software intensive organizations.

Johan Linder, IKEA

Johan Linder is a senior IT professional with 23 years of experience working in multinational organizations. Prior to his return to Sweden and to join IKEA Group in 2012, Johan worked abroad for major international IT companies in which he has fulfilled various roles in Contract Management, Service Delivery, and Project Management in the Finance, Graphic, and Telecom sectors of IT. In Johan´s current role as Solution Owner Integrations, he is accountable for all aspects of Service Delivery of Integrations within IKEA IT.

Bernd Gross

With nearly 25 years of international experience in management positions in the IT industry – including in the UK, Finland and Silicon Valley, USA – Bernd Gross is one of the German pioneers in digitalization, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Bernd Gross founded Cumulocity in 2012 through a management buy-out from Nokia Siemens Networks.

Eric Duffaut, Chief Customer Office, Software AG

Eric Duffaut, has been a member of the Management Board of Software AG since October 2014 (under contract until 2019) and is responsible for Global Sales, Consulting Services and Marketing.

Matthew Smith is a Chief Technology Officer at Software AG. With a background in Enterprise Technology and Business Transformation stretching back over 20 years Matthew applies field proven business, analytical, process, team and transformation skills to help organisations change, grow, achieve and maintain their success through Business Transformation and Innovation.
Bo Gyldenvang is Vice President for UK & Nordics at Software AG. Bo has over 20 years of experience in IT sales consultancy and leadership globally, with a laser focus on growth. He has the goal to deliver true relevancy to customers, making certain they are in the best possible digital position.

Daniel Eliasson, Software AG

Daniel Eliasson is the Director for Nordic Sales in Software AG. Daniel has an extensive background from various sales and leadership positions, a high commitment to customer success and a solid track record of helping customers succeed with their digital transformation.

Bart Schouw

Bart Schouw is responsible for the development and enrichment of the IoT strategy within Software AG and supporting the Salesforce in engaging with the field. Bart started his career in IT after graduating in Business Administration and has 25+ years of experience in the field. Bart is the driving force behind many innovative projects and is currently involved in a number of strategic projects in Europe, US Middle East and Australia that relate to IoT.

Magnus Wettemark

Magnus Wettemark has been working with Process Transformation and Process Automation for more than 20 years and has help many customers in the transition to become process oriented. He is now heading up the Nordic Solution Architect team supporting our customers with their digital transformation.

Michiel Jorna, Software AG

Michiel Jorna is Global Industry Director at Software AG and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E). In this role he helps to create new customer opportunities for businesses seeking to transform and become a digital business and manage risk. He joined Software AG in 2007 where he worked in various roles in Software AG’s consulting division and acted as trusted advisor for a wide range of global clients across different industries.

Michael Zeller

Michael leads Software AG’s innovation in artificial intelligence. His vision is to help organizations deepen and accelerate insights from big data through the power of machine learning. Previously he was CEO and Co-Founder of Zementis, a leading provider of software solutions for predictive analytics. Michael also serves on the Board of Directors of Tech San Diego and as Secretary/Treasurer on the Executive Committee of ACM SIGKDD.

Jonathan Heywood

Jonathan has worked in IT for 28 years and was at the forefront of some early projects using new technologies. Jonathan is currently VP of Product Management and Communities responsible for unifying and harmonizing Software AG’s on-premise and cloud offerings. Jonathan also manages Software AG’s global user communities, providing a range of collaboration tools and communication to 100,000 members.

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