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Social involvement

We are proud that so many of our staff members are socially conscious and volunteer in projects around the world.

Social involvement

Part of our corporate culture

Social involvement is deeply rooted in Software AG's identity and history. More than 20 years ago, our founder Peter Schnell established the Software AG Foundation. In doing that, he laid the cornerstone for sustainability and responsibility and entrenched these principles in our corporate culture.


Helping Hands—prosthetics for victims of land mines

Christmas is the season of giving...

Software AG employees in Australia took that to heart. In addition to traditional rituals like honoring top performance and successes, staff members from the Helping Hands organization were invited in 2014. Helping Hands makes prosthetic hands for victims of land mines. Despite the serious nature of the subject, Software AG employees kept a smile on their face. In just under an hour, 20 prosthetic hands were finished, which would hopefully give victims a little bit of their independence back.

The "Spice Girls" walk 55 km to raise money Sally Bennet, Penny Blank, Melinda Davis and Melanie Scerri from the Software AG subsidiary in Sydney hiked 55 km along the coast to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation. This foundation trains and empowers eye doctors, nurses and medical staff in 25 countries to establish a sustainable care system in needy communities. The foundation’s work has a clear goal: Everyone, no matter whether they’re rich or poor, has the right to high-quality and affordable eye care. Many cases of blindness could be prevented if this were available. In developing countries, blindness prohibits access to education, independence and work – things that could break the cycle of poverty. Less than AU$25 are needed to change that. Our four “Spice Girls” reached the finish line of their tour after 13 hours and 57 minutes – and collected AU$4585. Thanks to this fantastic effort, 180 people regained their sight.


Inhalers for a children's hospital in Sofia

Software AG co-workers have a heart for children in need: A fund-raising drive, including a volunteer holiday bake sale and an auction of delicious treats for management, generated enough money to finance seven inhalers and other equipment for a reputable children's hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria. The equipment will help more than 700 children breath more easily each year. Additionally, jackets, shoes and winter clothes were donated to the children of the town of Vetren. The aim was to give the children hope of making something out of their lives.

Plastic Caps "in Action" in Bulgaria After collecting plastic caps in the kitchen and their offices for many weeks, Software AG staff members in Sofia, Bulgaria made a huge donation to “Idea in Action.” This was the second time that the Sofia team participated in the plastic caps recycling initiative. The proceeds are used to equip childcare centers in Bulgaria with electronics. More Information
SAGathlon Bicycle Contest Under the motto “Ride to work and win for your team,” many Software AG employees in Bulgaria rode their bikes to work for at least a month instead of driving their cars. They grouped into teams and calculated who traveled the most kilometers by bike in the month of June. Our colleagues in Sofia were very enthusiastic about the SAGathlon Bicycle Contest.


Blood donation day in Saarbrücken

Whenever people lose blood in an accident or surgical procedure, they depend on blood from donors. Working together with the German Red Cross, Software AG hosts a blood donation day in Saarbrücken every year.

JOIN - A practicum platform for refugees As part of the “Digital Administration and Public Sector IT” platform of the Digital Summit, Software AG and four other project partners from the business community and the Federal Ministry of the Interior are taking part in the JOIN practicum platform. The platform aims to enable refugees to enter the German job market via a practicum. A practicum is the fastest and easiest way for refugees to show their abilities and talents, and companies can find suitable, motivated employees through such practicums. In addition, JOIN offers e-learning modules. At the end of a practicum, refugees each receive a certificate confirming the skills that have been learned and expanded as well as their achievements and performance. The goal is to help them find a long-term job. In light of the enormous number of people who have had to leave their home in recent years and would like to build a new future in Germany, laying a foundation that promotes the social integration of refugees is an effort that is near and dear to our hearts at Software AG.
Meals for Junior Soccer Team Members Software AG’s corporate cafeteria in Darmstadt started serving lunch to ten players from the SV Darmstadt 98 soccer club’s development academy on January 31, 2017. That number will increase to 16 after summer vacation. The young athletes can make their own menu selections and turn them into the cafeteria team about a week in advance. This allows them to design their own nutrition plans. Rich in carbs and protein, their choices reflect their dedication to competitive sports.
The 1000 Club For more than five years Software AG is a member of “The 1000 Club” of the German Bone Marrow Donor Registry (DKMS). Software AG has given the organization the opportunity to introduce itself at some of its health events—and many employees have registered as bone marrow donors afterwards. In addition, Software AG supports DKMS for almost 20 years.
Under the Sign of the Lily As part of the “Under the Sign of the Lily” social campaign, Software AG has joined forces with the SV 98 Darmstadt soccer team for charitable events for people with physical and developmental disabilities. These include cooking events in the cafeteria at our headquarters in Darmstadt and the Christmas wish list campaign, where Software AG employees get to make wishes come true before Christmas for residents at the Kurt Jahn Home. Likewise, we organize an annual soccer training event for disabled athletes together with the top league team and Special Olympics Hesse.
#DAvent Calenders In 2016, Software AG initiated the sale of #DAvent Calendars for the first time as part of this campaign. There is a delicious chocolate treat behind each of the 24 doors on the calendar—and the chance to win a big prize. The calendar sales brought in a five-digit sum, which was donated to the "DUMUSSTKÄMPFEN!" (You have to fight!) initiative that is committed to helping children with cancer. The campaign was supported by 21 different companies in Darmstadt and the surrounding region.


Initiatives Software AG employees in Bangalore regularly organize charitable initiatives, for example, a blood donation camp, a Free Market on Independence Day, where snacks and donated items were distributed to needy people, and a Joy of Giving Week, where they support three ashrams in Bangalore and the surrounding area with the help of “wish trees.” Furthermore, they collected Rs.50,000 for the Run for Literacy 10K race.


The "Kilo Initiative" in Spain Every employee donates one kilogram of food to an underprivileged household.
Laptop Campaign Children's villages receive used, but functional laptops.
Disabled People Employment Fair

Participation in a "Disabled People Employment Fair" to show disabled individuals that there are job opportunities for them.

Solidarity Market at Software AG

Software AG Madrid organized a market at their office to sell clothing and African objects. The proceeds were donated to "African Collectives."

No School Day For kids it is great news when they get an extra day off school. Not so much for their parents who have to go to work that day. Our colleagues in Tres Cantos, Madrid had the great idea of inviting the kids to the office for a day filled with all sorts of activities and fun.
Initiative 4° ESP + Empresa The goal of this initiative is to bring the business world closer to pupils at the age of 15. For example, five students spent a week at Software AG to get to know the processes in the organization.
Free fruit The Wolrd Health Day in April 2017 marked the beginning of a special offer in the Software AG cafeteria in Spain - free fruit for the employees whenever they want. The goal of this healthy snack is to increase the awareness of healthy eating.

South Africa

Future of the African Daughter

Education for African girls: The first "Future of the African Daughter" (FOTAD) conference was held at Software AG's Johannesburg branch on February 1, 2014. 215 young women were welcomed by the founder and chairwoman of the FOTAD organization. The HR director as well as other guest speakers also addressed the girls with encouraging words. The "Future of the African Daughter" is committed to providing girls aged 12 to 19 from underprivileged neighborhoods with better access to education.


We are stronger together - US collgeagues pull an Airbus For the second year in a row, Software AG was involved as a supporter and participant in the Dulles Day Festival & Plane Pull. This event is the “heaviest” fundraising campaign for Special Olympics Virginia. 25-person teams compete to find out who can pull an Airbus weighing nearly 75 tons the fastest for a distance of four meters. All donations go to Special Olympics Virginia and are used to fund year-round training and athletic competitions for more than 11,000 athletes in all age classes. Software AG had two teams and almost 50 employees at the starting line. They needed seven seconds to pull the Airbus. The winning team needed four seconds, giving the Software AG employees a new goal for next year.

United Arab Emirates

The Innocence Program in Dubai Software AG launched the Innocence Program in Dubai to benefit disadvantaged children in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) and improve their access to education. Approximately 58 million children worldwide have no access to an education system. Almost a quarter of those – more than 13 million children – live in the MENA region. Software AG wants to help these children with its fundraising efforts, which has been ongoing for nine months and includes three individual campaigns. The first of these three campaigns, Drive for Innocence, was held from September through October 2015. The second campaign, the Dance for Innocence dance contest, took place in December 2015. A third campaign will be organized this year, a golf tournament entitled Play for Innocence. Software AG hopes to raise 7.5 million UAE dirhams with its fundraising efforts.
Team Children's Hospital

A heart for children in need

Software AG co-workers donate inhalers to a children's hospital in Sofia

Plastic Caps in Action

Plastic Caps "in Action"

Software AG staff members in Sofia collected thousands of plastic caps fot the „Plastic Caps in Action“- Initiative.
CSR Projekt Spanien 2017

Initiative 4° ESP + Empresa

Students get to know the business world in the are of Software AG Spain.
Kilo Aktion Spanien

The "Kilo Initiative" in Spain

Every employee donatet a kilo of food for needy people.
Essensversorgung der Nachwuchsspieler des SV Darmstadt 98

Meals for Junior Soccer Team Members

Software AG’s corporate cafeteria in Darmstadt supplies the young players of SV Darmstadt 98 with lunch.
Kochen und Kicken

Cooking and kicking

Cooking together at Software AG HQ cafeteria in Darmstadt

Fußballtraining 2016

Soccer training event 2016

With the help of Special Olympics Hesse, Software AG once again organized a soccer training session for people with physical or developmental disabilities.
Weihnachtsgeschenke 2016

Christmas wish list initiative

Many Christmas wishes were delivered and as you can see by the mountain of presents, our Software AG employees at Headquarter in Darmstadt fulfilled these wishes with enthusiasm.

Weihnachtswünsche 2016

Santa's coming!

Gifts from the well-known Santa from the world of sports

Scheckübergabe DMK

Check presented to "DUMUSSTKÄMPFEN" ("You have to fight")

Arnd Zinnhardt presented a check of 15.000 Euro to Martin Heimes, Managing Director of the “DUMUSSTKÄMPFEN” non-profit initiative. This fantastic sum has emerged from the sale of the #DAventskalener.
Non School Day Spain

No School Day

Employees children had fun at the Software AG office in Madrid.
Spice Girls Australia

"Spice Girls" Australia

For colleagues from the Software AG office in Sydney hiked for about 14 hours to raise money.


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