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GCS Delivery | Photo: Daniel Genovés Isidro
Software AG, Spain

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Our Values

We stand behind them

Our employees are the cornerstone of our success. They are our potential. Our success as a global company depends on our employees’ cultural diversity, dedication, skill and performance. A good team is key to achieving the company’s goals. Each and every one of our staff contributes in his or her own way to our success. Innovation | Trust | Responsibility | Communication | Drive for Success | are our five key values which help us live up to daily demands. Together we are Software AG!

Our Benefits

Commitment to employees

Staff Development


Every generation has its own values and characteristics, which are influenced by major events in history, trends in society and cultural phenomena of the era. As a result, each generation develops its own specific style of learning. Taking that into account, our Corporate University offers comprehensive development programs based on our employees’ careers and professional goals.

Fostering Young Talent

School children

ARIS@School is the free offering from Software AG’s University Relations Team for students at German vocational schools to get their first practical experience with business process analysis. Through this offering, Software AG keeps in contact with 95 vocational schools across Germany.

Girls Day in Germany and Slovakia

Girls spend a day learning about technical professions.


Talent at Home in Spain

Employees’ children are invited to spend a day in Madrid to see what it’s like to work at Software AG.


High-school graduates in the German state of Hessen get a taste of the practical side of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects through a combination of university courses and a company internship for a six-month period.

College students University Relations Program

Providing today's students with the best possible education will pay off in the future. Through the University Relations Program, Software AG is cultivating close contacts with more than 1,300 universities in 79 countries. The free offering of selected, market-leading software products benefits over 25,000 students, instructors and academics. In 2015 alone, Software AG and its University Relations Program supported digital education with a licensing volume of more than €90 million.

Software AG Campus

This innovative concept trains IT leaders of the future and opens the door to exciting career prospects for young IT specialists in Germany. As a cooperation partner in the program, Software AG actively contributes to the combined research/management offering.

Young talent

In synch with the times, we support employees of the future with our Future Talents program so they continue driving key Software AG projects and products and enhancing them with new ideas and impetus.

Work Life Balance

A healthy work environment

Our goal is to meet the changing expectations of the workforce when it comes to quality of life, family-friendly work schedules and organizing free time. Having the best employees, specialists and leaders at our company will give us a competitive edge for the future. The following is a sampling of our global offerings:

  • Flexible working times
  • Telecommuting
  • Nutritious food
  • Company athletics
  • Discounted memberships at local gyms
  • Integration management
  • Company doctor
  • Bike leasing
  • Sabbaticals

Interested? Here’s the door to Software AG.

Mitarbeiter Faces Denitza Fuchs

In the Words of Our Employees

Denitza Fuchs, Senior Director, ARIS R&D (Saarbrücken, Germany, photographed by Anna Berry)

“Working on innovative topics is what I like most about my job. Collaborating with different R&D labs allows me to design innovative products with amazing people who have the same team spirit. Software AG is a great place to work thanks to its diversity, flexibility and work/life balance.”
Mitarbeiter Faces Nurul-Syuhada Anuar

In the Words of Our Employees

Nurul-Syuhada Anuar, Global Support Manager, webMethods (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysie, photographed by Diana Gonzales)

“Our cultural diversity is one of the key factors that unites us like a family and enables us to provide the best support possible. Another vital factor is our technical training and knowledge, which allow us to deliver high-quality support and help customers enhance their productivity and process efficiency. Working with my team toward these common goals, I know I can really make a difference in my job.”
Mitarbeiter Faces Mangat Rai

In the Words of Our Employees

Mangat Rai, Senior Consultant, Global Consulting Services (home office USA, photographed by Devashish Karecha)

“I see the future in Software AG. I even tell all my friends to work here, especially because of the constant new learning opportunities which my job offers to me. For corporate training I got to visit Software AG offices in Darmstadt and Sofia. These training programs are essential to personal growth and meeting other people. Software AG’s worldwide network allows me to learn about technology and implementation trends in different parts of world.”
Mitarbeiter Faces Christian Gengenbach

In the Words of Our Employees

Christian Gengenbach, Vice President, R&D Application Modernization (Darmstadt, Germany, photographed by Neil Gallop)

“Software AG is a great place to work—full of opportunity, nice people and frequently changing challenges. Especially in R&D we work with colleagues from many countries to enable our customers to do their business in a better way. It is very helpful to be able to connect with people around the world.”
Mitarbeiter Faces Asya Mladenova

In the Words of Our Employees

Asya Mladenova, Marketing Manager, Websites (Sofia, Bulgaria, photographed by Stilyana Yaneva)

“As part of Global Online Services, I work in a virtual team with members from Germany and the USA. We collaborate and provide services to colleagues located all over the world. My daily tasks are always different, interesting and challenging. The aspects I enjoy most about my job are solving problems and finding best practices in web design to come up with the best user journey. I like the ONE Team mindset and the family spirit across the company!”
Mitarbeiter Faces Sumanth Avadhoot Gururaj

In the Words of Our Employees

Sumanth Avadhoot Gururaj, Senior Gonsultant, Global Consulting Services, Delivery Unit (Bangalore, India, photographed by Prashant Shetty)

“I find the incredible and diverse talent my colleagues possess very inspiring. The tech community has vast knowledge and solutions to problems. This helps me in my job with tasks like app designing and architecture. The thought that my work impacts the lives of users and makes their daily grind just a bit easier is exhilarating. To me, Software AG is the integration of all things good.”


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