Join us along with thousands of your peers from across the globe and from every industry, as we embark on a two-and-a-half hour inspirational and transformational journey – without ever leaving your desk.  This October, Software AG is hosting a new, virtual event that was designed with you in mind.  Introducing the 2017 Product Release:  A Software AG Virtual Conference.

This first ever virtual conference from Software AG is an unprecedented opportunity to be wowed by our latest product innovations, hear news about the capabilities and features you’ve been waiting for in the products you use every day -- and immerse yourself in emerging tech and the future.  Absorb it all in one single, virtual event from the comfort of your office. 

For your convenience, we’ve scheduled the event to repeat three times across three days to give you more options for participation.  If you are in Paris or London and want to participate during regular business hours, then Tuesday’s event is the one for you.  If you are in New York or Sao Paulo, then Wednesday’s event is your best option.  If you are in Tokyo, Singapore or Sydney, Thursday’s event would fit your traditional business day.  Attend the event that is best suited for you -- or hop between sessions over the three days based on your schedule and interests. 

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We’ve made it easy - no travel and no costs.  Get all the benefits of a week-long conference in a single 2 ½ hour concentrated event.  Through inspiring keynotes and innovative panels, educational product breakouts, content-rich downloads, free trials and polls – you will learn all about our newest products and offerings in one, single showing and at a time that is convenient for you.  It’s 2 ½ hours of peace, love and digital inspiration.



You’ve been waiting all year to learn what’s new in the software you use every day.  This is it.  It’s a first-of-a-kind annual event that will help you absorb all the exciting details from our newest product release updates and give you specifics on the enhancements and capabilities you’ve been waiting for.   This event is the easiest and best way to get the latest release news for:

  • Adabas & Natural
  • Alfabet
  • Apama
  • API Management
  • ARIS
  • Digital Business Platform
  • Cumulocity/IoT
  • Terracotta
  • webMethods
  • Zementis


Hear powerful messages from thought-leaders, visionaries and our innovation and future-focused executives as they discuss a broad range of new technologies and trends that impact our everyday lives including:  Innovations and New Products, Digital Transformation, and the industrial Internet of Things.


Mike Gualtieri
Mike Gualtieri
VP & Principal Analyst
Stefan Sigg
Dr. Stefan Sigg
Chief R&D Officer
Software AG
Bernd Gross
Bernd Gross
Wolfram Jost
Dr. Wolfram Jost
Software AG
Jennifer Smith
Chief Marketing Officer
Software AG
Eric Duffaut, Chief Customer Office, Software AG
Eric Duffaut
Chief Customer Officer
Software AG


Jam-packed with product news and deep dives into ARIS, WebMethods, TerraCotta, API Management, Alfabet, Adabas & Natural, the Digital Business Platform, Apama and Zementis – this is the one event that has it all! Don’t miss your chance to learn and refresh your skills on the products you know and love. 

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Sessions descriptions

Want a taste of what’s coming next? This detailed session description can help you decide which sessions to attend, what content to download and what you don’t want to miss. Attend the 2017 Product Release virtual event to get up-to-the-minute information about our latest innovations. Register now.

Here’s what’s new:

Adabas & Natural 2050: What’s New, Next & Now - Guido Falkenberg, SVP Global Customer Innovation, Software AG

The future is bright and full of innovative possibilities for Adabas & Natural. In 2016, we announced our commitment to A&N through 2050 and beyond. But where are we taking Adabas & Natural in 2018? Attend this session to learn more about the enhancements planned for modernizing your core applications to maximize your digital transformation. This session will detail how, with A&N, you can:

  • Optimize mainframe costs
  • Modernize development and applications with DevOps
  • Transform business models with new digital business initiative implementations
  • Integrate A&N with the Digital Business Platform

Alfabet: Enterprise Architecture and IT Portfolio Management with Alfabet - Dr. Ulrich Kalex, SVP Product Management & Marketing, Software AG

Looking to spark real innovation in your enterprise architecture and portfolio management functions? Start here. Alfabet, just named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture for the 10th year in a row, can help you move beyond your traditional development environment to embrace new, higher productivity models like agile and bimodal IT. Attend this session to learn how, with Alfabet, you can:

  • Start with agile strategic planning and accelerate results with bimodal IT
  • Enable faster and more informed decision-making
  • Turn APIs into strategic assets
  • Ensure your readiness for GDPR

ARIS: Process Transformation & Governance and Risk & Compliance Management with ARIS - Dr. Helge Hess, SVP Product Management & Marketing, Software AG

Designing the ideal digital enterprise is easy when you have the right tool. This session will spotlight enhancements and new capabilities being added into

ARIS to enable process mining and visual analytics to incorporate intelligent insights into business processes helping your business make the right decisions – fast. Accelerators for GDPR compliance are being included to ensure you meet the May 2018 deadline with records of processing activities, questionnaire templates and surveys, risk impact assessments, dashboards and more. This session will also highlight new features that help you:

  • Achieve a better customer experience
  • Create a personalized and user-friendly workplace experience
  • Facilitate IT projects with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 synchronization

Digital Business Platform: Innovations In The Digital Business Platform - Jay Gauthier, VP Platform Integration, Software AG

Be ready for the rapid adoption of future technologies and prepared for market disruptions with the industry’s leading platform for our ever-evolving digital world. Our Digital Business Platform is helping thousands of businesses blend new and existing technologies as part of their on-going digital transformation. Attend this session to learn more about the new innovations within the Digital Business Platform including how you can achieve:

  • Real-time visibility into business operations
  • Fast access to business data across all applications
  • Continuous delivery of your solutions in an agile business environment with DevOps
  • Optimized IT investments via APIs

Apama, MashZone & Zementis: Real-time Analytics with Apama, MashZone and Zementis - Jeremy Hill, Director Product Marketing, MashZone, Software AG

Quick and nimble decision-making is essential in today’s global marketplace. Markets and competitors move fast - you have to be faster. Real-time or streaming analytics can help you move at the speed of light and move your digital business into the fast lane. Apama, MashZone and Zementis all have been enhanced with capabilities that will transform the way you think, use and incorporate advanced analytics into your business. Attend this session to learn more about the:

  • Launch of our Industry Analytics Kit
  • Release of Apama Community Edition
  • Enhanced integration across Software AG products
  • Release of MashZone NextGen to quickly build informative dashboards on real-time and static data
  • Native connectivity to Kafka, IoT devices and other services
  • Apama for the Raspberry Pi
  • Integration of Zementis Predictive Analytics within Apama

IoT: Internet of Things with Cumulocity and the Digital Business Platform - Dr. Jürgen Krämer, SVP Product Management & Marketing, Software AG

What do the IoT, Cumulocity and the Digital Business Platfrom have in common? Attend this session to learn about the drivers behind the connected enterprise as well as the enhancements to IoT-enable our Cumulocity and Digital Business Platforms for start simple/grow fast capabilities that grow in sophistication as your business needs evolve. You will learn more about:

  • Cumulocity IOT: a new, single platform for IoT application enablement
  • Holistic approaches to device, cloud and enterprise integration
  • Boosting IoT Analytics with Apama and Zementis
  • Faster time-to-market with pre-packaged IoT applications
  • How to link devices with your business process through model-based IoT scenario planning

Terracotta: In-Memory Data with Terracotta - Manish Devgan, Vice President Product Management, Software AG

Big data has a big impact on today’s digital business. Terracotta enables you to access and store huge volumes of data in-memory. Data can be accessed, analyzed and delivered at predictable low latency. We will be introducing Terracotta DB - new data product for data storage and compute for hybrid workloads. Attend this session to get all the details about:

  • New In-memory data platform for both operational and analytical workloads
  • Stream-based data pipelines for search & compute
  • Advanced management, monitoring, and cluster setup for operational ease
  • New webMethods connector and integration with Apama Streaming Analytics
  • Ability to build interactive dashboards on in-memory data powered by MashZone

webMethods: Process Automation with webMethods - Subhash Ramachandran, SVP Product Management & Marketing, Software AG

You have a vision. You know where you’re going but you won’t get there without innovative processes. webMethods can get where you want to be. webMethods enables you to develop digital business apps that combine process automation and workflow management capabilities. You can quickly integrate systems, partners, data, devices and SaaS applications across the enterprise to unleash the full power of your digital business processes. Attend this session to dive deep into webMethods Process Automation and learn more about how we have evolved into a Dynamic Apps platform. We’ve enhanced webMethods capabilities to:

  • Provide a single platform for low code development and IT developers
  • New Dynamic Business Orchestrator for dynamic processing
  • Robotic Process Automation for assisting human work force
  • Hybrid Mobile App with push notifications and offline capabilities for interactive user experience

webMethods: Integration with webMethods - Subhash Ramachandran, SVP Product Management & Marketing, Software AG

In our hyper-connected, always-on world – integration is essential. The latest bolted on “smart” tech is merely a shiny object and doesn’t add real value if it’s not connected to the backbone of the business. webMethods integrates it all! See what’s new in this session as we detail new innovations in webMethods that allow you to connect and integrate across the enterprise. We’ll discuss our newest features including:

  • Recipes and Connectors for Integration Cloud
  • Light weight Microservices container driving reactive architectures
  • REST enhancements and 3rd party authentication support with Okta and Ping Identity
  • New adapters for Big Data and Teracotta DB
  • Updated EDI module
  • Enhanced OneData and ActiveTransfer capabilities

webMethods: API Management with webMethods - Subhash Ramachandran, SVP Product Management & Marketing, Software AG

APIs are radically changing business models and have become a commodity for the world’s most savvy digital businesses. How are you using APIs to differentiate your business and change the game? Attend this session to learn how you can leverage the API economy to commercialize APIs with webMethods API Gateway and API Portal. We’ll focus on our newest enhancements including:

  • New API Management as a Service Cloud offering
  • API security and authentication support in API Gateway for improved runtime security
  • 3rd party OAuth2 provider support with Okta & Ping Identity
  • Out of the box themes and customizations in API Portal for simplified management of branding and aesthetics
  • API plans and policies enhancements for better monetization of APIs
  • API mocking and try-out enhancements



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